Thank you for joining the Beyond Layers class.

Here's a few things you can do to be ready for class!

1. Be sure to add kim@kimklassen.com and kim@beyondlayers.org to your contact list in your email address book. This will help ensure the messages do not land in your spam folder, or even worse blocked by your email provider.

3. If you would like to change the email address you are using for class, here's what you can do. Respond to the 'confirm your registration' email that you received when you registered for class, by clicking the verification link. Next you will receive a 'Welcome to the Beyond Layers eCourse' email.  At the very bottom of the email you will see a note, 'to unsubscribe or change subscriber options'. Click the link below to edit your email address.

4. Invite a friend to come to class.  The more the merrier. Seriously, there's power in friendship!

5. Have an empty notebook or journal ready to jot down your thoughts and inspiration throughout the year. You can start right away by noting some of your 'dreamiest dreams' in your notebook.

5. Pull out your calendar and mark Monday, April 16th as the first day of your Beyond Layers year. 

See you then....

xo, Kim

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