Testimonials - from Current Beyonders


Just a "pat on the back" for you, Kim.

When we choose to continue our academic education we often seek out a University.

In your Beyond Layers group, I sought out opportunity for broadening my life: increase (and practice) understanding a software program, and my to refresh/encourage my creative muse. I find, though, that you are our "much loved and respected professor" who is creating a Universe City. 

In addition to the educative leadership that you provide in your subject matter, you're bringing out the best in each of us - from locations all around our planet- one layer at a time!!

Carol N


Beyond Layers e-course with Kim Klassen is truly beyond fabulous. Kim is an incredible artist who teaches about capturing great images and then adding techniques and textures in Photoshop. The joy of taking an online course caught me by surprise. I have enjoyed working at my own pace in the comfort of my studio. As I pondered the prompt for this week, "If not now, when", I was inspired to capture this image. Finding goodness.Finding health.Finding happiness!

Diana - Studio 56


Hi, Kim! Just wanted to drop you a quick hello, and to tell you how deliriously happy i am with you and this class!!! <3 i am learning SO much and hoping i am not causing you too much pain with my techie questions! i have resorted to using my NIK Silver Effex Pro for B&W....rather than wrestle with the PW actions for now! At some point when i have a breather here between work and grandbeans, i will install and begin to learn CS5!!
ADORE!!! and thank you SO much for just being you!

Susan Ogden


Kim & Fellow Beyonders ~ Just wanted to drop in quickly to express my gratitude for the positive influence you all have had in my life. I've just gotten back from the Pike Place Market in Seattle with two dozen tulips and a dozen multi-colored farm eggs in my arms, purchased for photo props (and because they are just beautiful - sigh!) I'm taking pictures every day, I'm buying flowers every week - it's Beyond Awesome! I've also learned more about my camera in the last 3 weeks than I have the entire year and a half I've owned it. Before this class I never touched Photoshop Elements and I was lost in PS CS5. I'm now in these applications every day! Everywhere I go, my camera is with me. I'm just overwhelmed. Thank you, thank you, thank you all.

xo, Carol


One thing I have experienced in Kim's classes is somehow she "calls together" the kind-hearted, those who will rally round in support, and she gives us gentle course-corrections if something happens that might make someone feel uncomfortable. I think you will find this just the place to spread your wings and explore your creativity without feeling you have to do it perfectly.

Lissa A. Forbes